Growing Strong

The Bushbeds website is designed to assist self-drive tourists in planning and booking their holiday.


The idea to create a booking tool for individual travellers was launched by Natural Destinations, a well-established tour operator based in Windhoek, Namibia with many years of tourism experience in Southern and Eastern Africa. BushBeds is part of the Tour-Res Group of Companies, which consist of Destinations Travel (Outbound Tour Operator), Natural Destinations (Inbound Tour Operator) and BushBeds (Online booking system for self-drive tourists). Through the Bushbeds website tourists now have access to the complete database of accommodation establishments and vehicle rental companies, giving them an easy to use tool to design and package their own unique holidays. Yet guests can still enjoy the peace of mind that a professional tour operator is in the background, making sure everything runs smoothly and bookings are handled professionally and efficiently by knowledgable booking agents.


Truly uniqe:

The way in which guests can mix their preferred types of accommodation and add it all to a travel planner for review before sending a final booking request is truly unique. The BushBeds system allows guests to create their own itineraries, matching accommodation establishments and car rental to their own budget and their own travel dates.

Unlike most booking sites, BushBeds offers visitors a travel planner. This is a tool which can be used for planning purposes and to create full itineraries. There is no need to send booking requests for each tourism service separately. With the BushBeds system it is possible to plan each holiday exactly the way it should be and only have one reliable booking office which takes care of everything. 


Any type, any size:

At BushBeds we are specialized on those small, remotely located accommodation establishments, which are not that easy to find on other online booking platforms. Due to our unique booking system, even the smallest types of accommodation establishments can be found on BushBeds. Vistitors to our website can choose from campsite, Bed & Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Hotels and even luxury Lodges or Game Farms, give them the best possible variety of accommodation establishments to choose from.


On request:

All of the tourism services offered on the BushBeds website are on a request basis only. This is due to the often very small size of accommodation establishment and/or their remote location. Any booking request sent to us will then first be checked for availability. But, due to the vast database available and our tour operator background we will automatically offer alternatives if some of the accommodation establishments selected are not available at your preferred travel date. Since all bookings are sent on a request only, there is also no need to immediately pay for the booking. Payment will only be required once you've received and accepted a final booking confirmation from our office.